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Samsung Gt B3310

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Samsung Gt B3310
What's happening with my phone?

I have a Samsung GT-B3310, and for some reason, when someone calls my phone, the phone vibrates but nothing appears on the screen and then the phone restarts. I took it to the store because I only had the phone a week when you started making and replaces it, but now my back is doing well and I just I have today. what is wrong with her?

I take that one again too and get a different phone. There is no reason for a phone to do that unless a malfunction. It could be a known defect with the phone. Take again and get a different phone. If the store offers a nuisance call your service provider and tell them. They will give you a different phone if it was less than 30 days but more importantly, it will tell you is that your problem is a bad or just bad luck.

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